Development of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary innovation that has transformed the way we think about data management, security, and transactions. Here…


Davao, Philippines Traders Fair By FINEXPO 2024

For the first time Traders Fair is making its way to the Davao Philippines at  dusitD2 Davao hotel on 26…


The Financial Investment Expo Bangkok,Thailand

2023 The Financial Investment Expo is a major event for the fintech and financialinvestment industry around the world. It is…


Bitcoin Halving Faces Challenges Amidst Seasonal Weakness in the Market

As the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event approaches, the cryptocurrency market is gearing…

Cambodian digital currency BAKONG amps up use case with Alipay agreement

The Cambodian digital currency, bakong, managed by the National Bank of Cambodia…

The cryptocurrency market has reached a market capitalization of trillions of dollars

Crypto Market Reaches Trillion-Dollar Market Capitalization Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many…

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Thailand Forges Ahead with Digital Wallet Distribution Plan to Bolster its ‘Fragile’ Economy

Thailand's government continues to take proactive steps towards stabilizing, if not boosting, its economy with the participation of digital wallets.…


Cryptocurrency Regulations Are Getting Tighter:

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, cryptocurrency regulations were indeed becoming tighter…


Bitcoin Reacts to Hot Inflation Data, Fueling Rate Cut Expectations Through September

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin's resilience and responsiveness to traditional market forces continue…


Exploring the Origins: Who Founded Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology, the backbone of cryptocurrencies and a transformative force across various industries, has its…


Report: The United States Obtains 200,000 Bitcoins via Three Confiscations

A recent publication disclosed the Federal Government of the United States' Bitcoin holdings, amounting to approximately $5 billion in BTC.…


Cambodian digital currency BAKONG amps up use case with Alipay agreement

The Cambodian digital currency, bakong, managed by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), has expanded its utility through an agreement…


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Global Coronavirus Cases





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ESMA Report Cautions About Significant Risks Faced by Investors in DeFi

In a recent report by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the risks associated with Decentralized Finance…


Bitcoin Price Decline Following ETF Launches Sends Shockwaves Through Crypto Mining Profits

In a surprising turn of events, the launch of several Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) has led…


Blockchain Festival Asia 2024: Uniting the World’s Leading Innovators in BlockchainTechnology

lockchain enthusiasts, investors, and industry leaders will converge in acelebration of technological innovation and the…


Bitcoin All-Time High (ATH): Milestones and Implications

Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has experienced several all-time highs (ATH) throughout its history, capturing the…


Evolution of Stablecoins

Stablecoins have evolved significantly since their inception, with the concept dating back to the early…


Crypto Exchange HTX Reinstates Bitcoin Deposits, Withdrawals

Crypto exchange HTX has announced the full restoration of services for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.…


18 US Senators Stand with Crypto, Backed by Lobby Group Coinbase

In a significant move that underscores the growing influence of cryptocurrencies in the United States,…


Blockchain Festival and Traders Fair 2024: Shaping the Future of Finance and Blockchain in Singapore

FINEXPO proudly hosts two events namely the Blockchain Festival and Traders Fair Singapore at the…


Singapore Traders Fair and Blockchain Fest: A Day of Triumph and Innovation!

Singapore, March 5, 2024 – A day of triumph unfolded at Marina Bay Sands on…